High-Throughput Molecular Biology at the HTSKC

The HTSKC offers high-throughput molecular biology screening with its libraries of:

1. cDNA clones from the Human ORFeome Collection (in E. coli stocks), and;

2. The siARRAY whole human genome siRNA library from Dharmacon (of which we are a member of the Genome-Wide RNAi Global Initiative (press release)

3. The Qiagen Mouse Whole Genome siRNA set V1 against 22,124 gene targets.

4. Additional High-Throuhgput Molecular Biology Services include use of 96-well Agilent (formerly Velocity11) VPrep for 96 to 96 and 96 to 384-well plate transfers (VPrep schedule), use of the Agilent Bravo System for PCR Setup and PCR Cleanup applications. (Agilent System schedule), training on the SFGF's Beckman BiomekFX for bead cleanup and other 96-well pipetting, and automation of qPCR on the SFGF's QuantStudio 12K Flex RT PCR.

siRNA Screen Application

Video of our Agilent Robotic System performing 384-well siRNA transfection (schedule).

Videos of our old setup Velocity11 robot performing an RNAi transfection.

Daughter siRNA plate generation

Distribution of siRNA to assay plates (cells are then added for a reverse transfection)

Please contact us if you would like information on either of these high-throughput molecular biology reagents and/or services.