Instrumentation available at the HTSKC (ChEM-H W008 & CCSR 0133)

Biosorter in CCSR-0128 & ImageXpress Micro in CCSR-0116, new HTSKC TC lab in ChEM-H W028

HTBC LabThe HTSKC has instrumentation for high-throughput (96 and 384 well microplate) liquid handling, high-throughput detection, high-content screening, and automated large object sorting. Our small molecule HTS liquid handling system includes an integrated robotic arm for fully automated enzyme/protein and cell-based screening, while our siRNA liquid handling system allows for fully automated siRNA transfections, cell fixing and staining, and high content imaging.

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The Caliper LS Staccato small molecule liquid handling system and the Analyst GT were purchased with NCRR NIH Instrumentation grant number S10RR019513. The upgraded Agilent (formerly Velocity11) siRNA Screening system and advanced automated options for the ImageXpress Micro were purchased with NCRR NIH Instrumentation grant number S10RR026338, the Union Biometrica BioSorter was purchased with NIH Shared Instrumentation grant number S10OD025004, and the ImageXpress Micro Confocal and Precise Automation robot were purchased with NIH Shared Instrumentation grant number S10OD026899.

NEW**Automated Large Object Sorter**:

Union Biometrica BioSorter for sorting worms or large cells. Check schedule HERE. (View only)

Video of our integrated system running a real small molecule screen.

PART 1 : Cell plate comes from automated Incubator, lid is removed, Twister picks up plate and takes to bar code reader.

PART 2 : Cell plate is removed from multidrop liquid dispenser and placed on Sciclone deck.

PART 3 : 100 nL of each compound is transfered from compound plate to cell plate with the 384 Pin Tool.

MicroPlate Readers

Liquid Handling Robots

High Content Imager

ImageXpress Micro Confocal check schedule HERE. (View only)

Analysis Computer1Analysis Computer2, IX Analysis3126 (no longer available)

The funding for the purchase of most of our instrumentation was provided by the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant numbers S10RR019513, S10RR026338, S10OD025004, S10OD026899 and by an anonymous donation.