Faculty Advisors

All students in the Health Services and Policy Research concentration will have an advisor, who, together with the SC co-directors, will help guide the student's course selection, suggest potential research opportunities and offer career guidance. Each advisor is responsible for no more than two students at a time; exceptions are made only with the approval of the steering committee.

Potential advisors for the concentration include (but are not limited to):

Steven Asch

Laurence C. Baker

Eran Bendavid

Jay Bhattacharya

David Chan

Bradley Efron

Susan Frayne

David M. Gaba

Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert

Mary Kane Goldstein

Corinna Haberland

Paul A. Heidenreich

Tina Hernandez-Boussard

Mark A. Hlatky

Keith Humphreys

John Ioannidis

Iain M. Johnstone

Daniel P. Kessler

Michelle Mello

Grant Miller

Arden Morris

Douglas K. Owens

Ciaran S. Phibbs

Maria Polyakova

Sherri Rose

Maya Rossin-Slater

Joshua Salomon

Lee Sanders

Kevin Schulman

Sara Singer

Randall S. Stafford

Kristan Staudenmayer

David Studdert

Eric Sun

Todd H. Wagner

Jason Wang

Paul Wise

Donna Zulman