About Us

Established in 2018 the Talent Development Team partners with employees to identify opportunities.  We collaborate to implement effective learning and development solutions that influence strategic organizational values.

The Talent Development Team here at the School of Medicine strategizes through three major pillars:

  • Career Development
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
  • Learning & Organizational Development

The Team consists of five experts positioned to enhance the organization.  We work with employees to accelerate performance.  Our data driven methods will help you and your team to increase productivity and efficientcy. 

Meet the Team

Karen Vesey | Sr. Director of Talent Management

Starting up a Talent Management function in the Stanford School of Medicine has been a thrill. I couldn’t be prouder of the team assembled to problem solve and solution for “all things Talent” over the past 4 years. We’ve had some great successes, some resets and enough collective organizational insights to fill a book.   As we mature, we continue to iterate on strategy and execution, on approaches and offerings, and aspire to weave together a learning ecosystem that integrates learning into our everyday culture and experience.  We hope to nurture self-awareness, applied skills and life and behavior-changing insights.  I bring my own best learning to my role, as a leader, problem solver, coach, mentor, advisor, listener and knowledge worker.  Check out this team and this site for where we are and where we are headed! 

Shaila Kotadia, PhD | Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI)

I provide guidance on building justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) into institutional systems and structures. My experience in higher education focuses on the integration of JEDI activities across all constituencies, from students through faculty. At Stanford I have been tasked with implementing institution-wide JEDI strategic plans. I also conduct institutional assessments, build communication processes, and create relationships across silos in an effort to increase organizational effectiveness. I  use the principle of praxis, the constant cycle of reflection and action, to guide my JEDI efforts, including the creation of the Certificate in Critical Consciousness & Anti-Oppressive Praxis program at Stanford. I will continue to use these principles to focus on staff initiatives and HR processes to create cultural change.  Prior to my role at Stanford, I led the STEM Equity and Inclusion Initiative at University of California, Berkeley.

Cara Morgan, MS | Talent Development Manager

I’m a strategic Talent Development professional with a proven track record impacting bottom line results in dynamic organizations. I collaborate with leaders and human resource teams to drive results in learning and development. I partner with stakeholders to gain support for programs while driving them to become part of the University culture. Utilizing my interpersonal skills and a strong client business focus, I have a record of proven success by delivering results that promote the growth of leaders at all levels within Stanford Medicine.

Sarah Larson, MS | Talent Management Partner

With a proclivity for organizational development, technology, and problem solving, I found myself thriving in the people operations space.  Through my tenure at Stanford Medicine I've held a multitude of reposibilities, culminating in an array of experience and cultural understanding.   

My current work consists of managing our Team's learning operations, programs, and customer presence.  The work varies, from consulting with departments, facilitating programs, or proposing data driven case studies and organizational development opportunities to leadership in an effort to increase employee experience - it's a fun role.   In sum, through research, analysis, and established metrics I collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to develop and market professional, DEI, L&D, and employee engagement programs at Stanford Medicine. 

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to collaborate!