Information for Participants

  1. If you are interested in participating in the study, you can attend a group consent session. Time and location of the group consent will be announced during the conference opening session or you can stop-by booth # 55 for more details.
  2. After group consent, you can register for the study by providing your information and signing the consent form electronically. You can also register online through our website by providing your email on the home page of the website. (
  3. You will get a barcoded bag of sample tubes after registration. If you have registered online please stop by hPOP booth (#55) the day before your blood draw to pick up .
  4. You need to sign up for a blood draw appointment on either  Monday (September 18th), Tuesday (September 19th) or Wednesday (September 20th) at hPOP booth, using your barcode number. You can also register through online registration.. 
  5. Before your blood draw appointment you need to:
    1.     Read and sign the consent form
    2.     Answer the questionnaires
  6. At the blood draw station (room):
    1.     You need to register by providing your barcode number
    2.     Bring your barcoded bag with the sample tubes inside
  7. Your phlebotomist will take the four blood test tubes from you
  8. Urine specimen is collected into a cup morning of your blood draw, please use the disposable dropper provided to transfer into three orange cryogenic vials, filling to the ¾ of the tube. You can bring the aliquotes to blood draw room (Liffey Meeting Room 1) at time of your appointment or drop them in the dry ice chest located in the room.
  9. Three stool specimens are to be collected, using the collection bowl provided, into two separate 30ml tubes, each filling at most a third of the tube. Avoid urine or other liquid (e.g. toilet water) contamination, if possible. One tube for stool collection is pre-filled with RNA preserving buffer, make sure the specimen soaked in this buffer in storage and transportation. It would be ideal if stool specimen is collected within 4 hours before or after your visit for the blood draw. Once they are in the tube, please make sure specimen are always kept in 4°C or on ice when stored or transported. 
  10. Put all the three stool tubes in the original bag and leave the bag in dry ice chest located at blood draw room (Liffey Meeting Room 1, 1st floor CCD).