Stanford Healthcare Tri-Valley Internal Medicine Resident Rotation

This one month elective exposes advanced Stanford Internal Medicine residents to a community hospital.  Stanford Tri-Valley features a wide variety of patient conditions in multiple care settings.  Residents work directly with attendings, caring for a panel of patients.  Residents also have the opportunity to supervise and teach physician assistant students from Stanford University as well as visiting students.  Residents will retain continuity of their patients from admission to discharge.

Educational Purpose


  1. To expose residents to inpatient medicine in a community hospital:
  2. To be a leader of care management, coordinating overall patient care by working closely with the interdisciplinary team including social work, case management, PT/OT and speech therapy.
  3. To assist in the clinical training of Stanford medical students and PA students.
  4. To participate in Hospital Quality meetings and ongoing QI projects
  5. Participate in High Value Care
  6. Attend monthly hospitalist huddle
  7. Understand mechanics of patient throughput
  8. Review Quality Metrics
  9. Recognize improvement opportunities and stimulate change
  10. To gain an understanding of how to work in a community based academic care delivery system (and interact with a variety of consultants (communicating and discussing patient care plans)
  11. To gain experience with bedside ultrasound and procedures (Thoracentesis, paracentesis, lumbar puncture; Future: PICC-line placement)
  12. To gain insight into medical issues that are unique to patients in the perioperative setting, assisting with acute consults from orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology-oncology, and obstetrics.