PA Student Hospitalist Rotation Teaching Session

The teaching session will consist of daily videos and lecture sessions with one of the hospitalists.

Week One - Presentations, H&P, Cardiology

            Day One- H&P, Physical exam, presentation, Pre-Test

            Day Two - HTN

            Day Three - EKG

            Day Four - STEMI/NSTEMI -

            Day Five – CHF. Test -                     

Week Two - GI, ID

            Day Six- GI bleeding, cancers, and ulcers

            Day Seven -Hepatology

            Day Eight - Infectious GI and IBD

            Day Nine - UTI, Cellulitis, and antibiotic choice

                              Self evaluation completion

            Day Ten - HIV, TB, and other more rare infections & test

                            Self evaluation review

Week Three - Pulmonary, Renal

            Day Eleven: Asthma/COPD and exacerbations

            Day Twelve: Sarcoid, pulmonary HTN, pleural effusions

            Day Thirteen: electrolyte management and acid/base intro

            Day Fourteen: AKI/CKD                                      

            Day Fifteen: Vitamin C and calcium/vitamin D metabolism & test                                     

Week Four - Heme/Rheum/Neuro/endo

            Day Sixteen: Anemia

            Day Seventeen: Clinical pearls for leukemias and basic CBC findings

            Day Eighteen: Diabetes

            Day Nineteen: Overview of Gout, Pseudogout

                                     Self evaluation completion

            Day Twenty: Strokes and headaches & Post-Test

                                Self evaluation review