Stanford MSPA Student Rotation Program

MSPA Student Rotation Program

This year, third-year physician assistant students from the Stanford School of Medicine officially started to work with the Stanford Tri-Valley Hospitalist Team as part of their core rotations. Students previously rotated through Stanford Tri-Valley as an elective only. We now have groups of three students rotating every month from March until December. These students follow 3-4 patients and work on improving physical exam skills, oral presentations, note-writing, and diagnosis/treatment plans. In addition to working with the hospitalist team during day shift, students now also rotate through our swing shift, thus gaining more exposure to fresh admissions.

We are also grateful for the assistance of our specialists, who have taken the time to lecture on their sub-specialty area or have allowed students to observe surgeries and procedures.

If you have any questions about the clerkship, please contact clerkship directors

Chad Anderson ( or Silvia Loica-Mersa (

Educational Purpose

  1. To expose PA students to inpatient medicine
  2. Learn how to manage a variety of clinical conditions
  3. Assist in care management, coordinating overall patient care by working closely with the interdisciplinary team including social work, case management, PT/OT and speech therapy.
  4. To gain an understanding of how to work in a community based academic care delivery system 
  5. To gain insight into medical issues that are unique to patients in the perioperative setting: assisting with acute consults from orthopedics, general surgery, gynecology-oncology, and obstetrics.