Resident Education

Core Faculty

Hospitalist Dr. Poonam Hosamani, Clinical Associate Professor, also serves as the Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Training Program.

In addition to being deeply involved with housestaff education through the University Medicine Inpatient Wards rotation, many of the hospitalists also serve as core faculty members for the Residency Program.  These faculty, including Drs. Poonam Hosamani, Jason Hom, David Svec, and Errol Ozdalga, are responsible for providing mentorship and guidance to our housestaff.

Pathways of Distinction (PODs)

The robust mentorship program and specialized tracks at the Stanford IM residency are complemented by a unique and innovative program designed to provide all residents in the Categorical Program with individualized areas of expertise and distinction. Upon entering the program, interns will have the opportunity to select a Pathway of Distinction (POD) that aligns with their clinical/scholarly interests.   Hospitalist Dr. Poonam Hosamani is the current director for the medical education POD.

Stanford 25/Bedside Medicine

The Stanford 25 team is part of the Program in Bedside Medicine, led by Dr. Abraham Verghese, MD, MACP, Vice Chair for the Theory & Practice of Medicine. The group’s research interests are in developing bedside skills, in teaching ultrasound, in the ethnography of the patient-physician relationship, and in evaluating clinical skills.  Many hospitalists are active members of the core Bedside Medicine group including Drs. John Kugler, Errol Ozdalga, Jeffrey Chi, and Lisa Shieh. The bedside medicine group hosts the annual Stanford 25 Skills Symposium led by Dr. John Kugler.

Stanford Hospitalist Advanced Practice & Education (SHAPE)

The Stanford Hospitalist Advanced Practice & Education (SHAPE) program is designed to foster professional growth and teach high-impact skills for residents planning careers in Hospitalist Medicine, including procedural skills, ultrasound technique, surgical co-management, and quality improvement. Residents also receive personalized mentorship on their career goals as well as securing their first position after residency.

Core Faculty