Congratulations to our Division faculty for their achievements and recognition.

Department of Medicine Awards

David A. Rytand Teaching Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching

2022 Andre Kumar, MD, MAEd

2020 Samantha Wang, MD & Jonathan Chun, MD

2019 Charles Liao, MD

2018 Andre Kumar, MD, MAEd

2014 David Svec MD, MBA

2013 Errol Ozdalga, MD & Charles Liao, MD

Department of Medicine Teaching Award

2022 Alice Cha, MD & Eric Strong, MD

2021 Minjoung Go, MD & Jonathan Chen, MD

2019 Errol Ozdalga, MD

2018 Nidhi Rohatgi, MD

2017 Akanksha Thakur, MD

2016 Sarita Khemani, MD

2015 Jason Hom, MD

2014 Poonam Hosamani, MD

2011 John Kugler, MD

2010 Neera Ahuja, MD

2009 Jeffrey Chi, MD & Benny Gavi, MD

2005 Lisa Shieh, MD

Chair Diversity Investigator Award

2021 Andre Kumar, MD, MAEd

Department of Medicine Chief's Faculty Award

2022 Jeffrey Chi, MD

Internal Medicine Residency Research Award

2022 Andre Kumar, MD, MAEd