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  • – Department of Medicine News

    Sustainability Mini Grants Have Everyday Impacts

    Clinicians in the School of Medicine address climate change by leading practical projects under the new Sustainability Seed Grant Program.

  • – The Hospitalist

    What Is AI’s Promise and Potential for the Hospitalist? - The Hospitalist

    "EHR casts the physician as the highest-paid data entry clerk in the health system, spending hours entering—and re-entering—information into the record. If frontline clinicians don’t want to get beaten up by the new applications of AI, as many feel they were by the rollout of the EHR, they will want to get involved in planning for its implementation."

  • – San Francisco Chronicle

    As COVID stages another winter comeback, many Californians don’t appear to care

    The public approach to the coronavirus has become more laissez-faire. Read more to see what Dr. Kevin Schulman's thoughts are on why there is a decrease in cooperation with public health efforts.

  • – The Stanford Daily

    Stanford COVID-19, flu cases on the rise amid finals

    With final exams and travel home for the holidays days away, campus community members worry about a campus-wide increase in COVID-19 and flu cases. Read more about what medicine professor and infectious disease expert Dr. Dean Winslow has to say.

  • – StanfordMed TODAY

    New resources and tips for lactating parents

    “Lactation and human milk have longstanding health benefits for the lactating parent and baby, and honoring parenting values in our workforce, including lactation, helps promote a culture of wellness and respect.” - Dr. Jessie Markovits, Lactation Council member and new parent

  • – DOM 2022 Annual Report

    Can New Training Efforts Reign in Health Care Costs?

    Over recent decades, health care costs in the United States have risen dramatically. Some of this increase is due to administrative costs and the complexity of the healthcare system, and some of it is due to an aging population and increases in chronic illnesses. But a part of the increase can also be attributed to how medicine is practiced — which tests or treatments doctors use for their patients.

  • – DOM 2022 Annual Report

    Surge Teams to the Rescue

    An influx of patients both during and after pandemic waves forced physicians and administrators to get creative and provide optimal care.

  • – DOM 2022 Annual Report

    Addressing a Difficult Subject: Anti-Black Racism in Medicine - 2022 Annual Report

    “Many clinicians already knew health care was not always equitable or fair... But it’s only recently that we’ve become willing to consider how we inadvertently contribute to those disparities.” – Samantha Wang, MD

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