Housestaff Information Technology Enhancement Council

Meeting the IT Needs of Housestaff

HITEC grew out of the need to provide residents and fellows with better efficiency, quality, and agency in the healthcare technology they use. This website is designed by housestaff for housestaff to be a hub for information technology (IT) needs.

Compiling Resources for Housestaff in One Place

Find these resources organized by work location on this website:

  • How-to's for account setup, paging, dictation, and remote access
  • Epic/CPRS guides with high-yield efficiency tips
  • Important phone numbers

Collecting Ideas to Improve IT for Housestaff

We want to connect any ideas for improving technologies, software, or systems to the chief medical informatics office. You can expect a reply in 1-2 weeks:

Other Ongoing HITEC Initiatives

  1. Monthly informatics updates: Distributed to all housestaff
  2. Improve Voalte: Working with nursing, pharmacy, and other staff groups to improve communication practices
  3. Orderset review: Facilitating house staff input for the order set review cycle happening 2020-2021 of all the active order sets at SHC
  4. Improve technology: Build a pipeline for housestaff to make technology better at each clinical site
  5. hitec.stanford.edu: This website as a one-stop hub for housestaff technology needs


  • HITEC Epic link live at VA

    Direct link from CPRS at Palo Alto VA to hitec.stanford.edu is now live! HITEC is working to build direct links from all of the EMR at each clinical site. This link is available under weblinks: CPRS>Tools>Resources> Housestaff VA Resources(HITEC).

  • HITEC Epic link live at Stanford

    Direct link from Epic at Stanford to hitec.stanford.edu is now live! This link is available under weblinks: Epic menu>Weblinks>HITEC.

  • Phonebooks live for VA and SCVMC

    Housestaff benefit when communication is fast and easy. VA and SCMVC rely on a hodgepodge of resources or calling the operator. Starting October 2020 HITEC is hosting phonebooks for SCVMC and Palo Alto VA. The phonebooks can be edited and updated by any Stanford housestaff!…

Ivana Jankovic, MD
Founding Co-Chair
H. Christy Hong, MD, MBA
Founding Co-Chair
Lee White, MD, PhD
Associate Chair of Internet Development
Jared Shenson, MD
Associate Chair of Software Improvement (Beyond EMR)
Benjamin Weia, MD
Associate Chair of Software Improvement (EMR)
Arjun Gokhale, MD
Associate Chair of Informatics

Remote Access


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