Wilderness Medicine - Course Listings

Basic Cardiac Life Support/CPR for Adult, Child and Infant (EMED 110):

This course offers American CPR certification and covers signs and symptoms of heart attack, stroke, choking, skills associated with administering CPR, and basic AED application. Be prepared for 3.75 hours of instruction and adult/infant practicals, plus a practicum skills test .

Wilderness First Aid (EMED 224):

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is offered as a 20-hour+ class that provides a basic introduction to remote medical training. The course is offered in a few different formats: as a weekly option, as a 2-day option, or as a 3-day option. Content is pretty much the same, just different different daily time allocation. During the Fall quarter we offer a course that meets weekly for 10 weeks. A 3-year certification card is provided upon successful completion.

Wilderness First Responder (EMED 226)

Wilderness First Responder 
Wilderness First Responder is a 5-8 day 80 hour course the has become the industry standard for first-aid of outdoor professionals. This course is offered during academic breaks and requires completing online modules and tests prior to the first day. Register promptly to have the earliest access to your testing materials to set yourself up for success.

Wilderness Medicine Lecture Series

The Stanford Wilderness Institute of Medicine hosts a Wilderness Medicine Lecture Series each academic year. These seminars are conducted by experts in wilderness medicine at Stanford Medical School. All lectures are free.