Our Approach

Our Purpose

We educate the whole person through integrating theory, research, and experiential practice in transformative and innovative learning environments. 

Our Educational Values


Supporting self-efficacy through empowerment, learning experiences, and realization of the human potential.


Creating opportunities for individuals to recognize and utilize the essential elements of well-being.


Providing inclusive opportunities for healthy social engagement and relationship building.


Developing change agents who can apply learned knowledge and skills towards active citizenship.


Designing effective ways of learning and promoting human flourishing in a hyper-complex, ever-accelerating culture experience.

Health and Human Performance Terminology

We understand that the development of a purpose and values such as this can leave questions as to the intent of the language. We have provided this glossary of terms to further frame our purpose within the mission of the University.

Integrative – Integrated study promotes broad knowledge exploration across subjects related to student health and development while highlighting the relationship between self and environment.      

Transformative – Transformative learning promotes deep and lasting change through encountering knowledge, experiences, and skill-sets that change student self-concepts and experiences of their environment.

Holistic – Holistic education holds that human beings find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to communities, the natural world, and humanitarian values such as compassion, peace, and flourishing.

Self-efficacy – Self-efficacy emerges from resilience and a growth mindset inspiring students to engage challenges as opportunities for development and mastery.

Well-being – Well-being is the state of human flourishing resulting from the active cultivation of positive experiences, social connection, and embodiment of purpose.

Change Agent – A change agent supports positive organization or community transformation through effective action, development, and integrity of behavior on the individual and group levels.

Active Citizenship – Active Citizenship involves an individual’s contribution in their local communities and democracy at all levels, from towns to cities to nationwide activity.

Organizational Design

Health and Human Performance (HHP) is organizationally housed within The Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation and more specifically within the Office of Recreation and Wellness. We offer experiences for academic credit as well as non-credit opportunities. Our academic pursuits are offered in partnership with Department of Medicine. The academic units housed within HHP include Kinesiology, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Wellness Education, Leadership Innovations, and Lifeworks. Our student life programs include the experiences provided by the Adventure Program.

Employment Opportunities