Seminars & Other Academic Coursess

Other Stem Cell Related Courses at Stanford University:

Med 250B. The Stem Cell: Ethics, Law and Society. 

An in depth exploration of the manifold issues and challenges facing stem cell research, particularly human embryonic stem cell research. Topics include a discussion of the philosophical underpinnings of the  embryonic stem cell debate, the history of American stem cell policy,  the regulatory environment and the impacts of law and commerce. Time  will be spent on front-line debates such as egg donation, clinical trials and where America fits in an international context. ( D. Magnus, C. Scott)

DBIO 202. Assisted Reproductive Technologies
(Same as OBGYN 202). Primary literature in basic and clinical science, and demonstrations of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Techniques include in vitro fertilization covering micromanipulation procedures such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection and the culture of blastocysts, using mouse gametes, and pre-embryos.  (E. Porzig, B. Behr)

DBIO 232. Topics in Regenerative Medicine
(Same as MI 232) Forum. Students and researchers discuss current developments in regenerative medicine at Stanford to spark collaboration. Topics include novel applications in biological and chemical engineering, stem cell biology, biotechnology, and human disease. (H. Blau, M. Fuller)

DBIO 296. Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
(Same as PATH 296) For graduate and medical students. Embryonic and adult stem cells, including origin, regulation, self-renewal, differentiation, fate and relationship to cancer; biological mechanisms and methods to translate findings to therapeutic applications. (I. Weissman, M. Fuller, R. Nusse)