Pamela Basto, MD, PhD (H/O)

Pamela Basto



Medical School: Stanford University; Graduate School: Harvard-MIT, PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics; Residency: The Mount Sinai Hospital- Manhattan; Pamela will pursue a career as a physician scientist, specializing in oncology with a focus on discovery of novel immune mechanisms against gastrointestinal malignancies. Her graduate thesis was in the laboratory of Professor Robert Langer focused on developing platform technology for next generation nanoparticle vaccines at the intersection of immunology and chemical engineering; work which has been patented and translated into clinical trials. She spent her medical school training under the tutelage of Professor Edgar Engleman focused on investigating mechanisms to strengthen endogenous and exogenous immune responses against solid tumor metastases. During fellowship, she plans on working at the intersection of immunology and cancer genomics at Stanford and to train with colleagues towards bridging science with excellent patient care.