Cailin Collins, MD, PhD (H/O)

Cailin Collins



Received her undergraduate degree from Williams College, after which she spent one year conducting research at the NIH National Cancer Institute. She then attended medical school at the University of Michigan, where she
also completed a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pathology as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program. She completed residency at UCSF prior to starting Hematology and Oncology fellowship training at Stanford. Her prior research has focused on the transcription factor biology and deregulated signaling pathways in hematologic malignancies. At Stanford, she plans to continue to investigate mechanisms underlying malignant transformation in leukemia, with a focus on identifying novel therapeutic targets and treatment strategies for clinical application. She also has a clinical interest in multidisciplinary practice of medical oncology with early integration of palliative care and psychosocial support services.