Nikeshan Jeyakumar, MD (H/O)

Nikeshan Jeyakumar



Nikeshan was born and raised in Southern California and completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in microbiology/immunology at UCLA and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, respectively. He attended University of Miami for medical school, where he became fascinated by the broadening use of immunotherapeutic agents and adoptive cell technologies in solid and liquid malignancies. He then pursued residency training in a cancer-focused internal medicine program at Baylor College of Medicine and MD Anderson Cancer Center, where he did research on drug targeting and clonal evolution of leukemia. At Stanford, he hopes to further explore his interests in drug development and clinical trial design in hematologic malignancies. As a diehard Los Angeles Lakers and San Francisco 49ers fan, he is also excited to be back in the same time zone as his favorite teams.