Gabriel Salzman, MD, PhD (H/O)

Gabriel Salzman, MD, PhD



Gabe was born and raised in New York City (Washington Heights to be precise). He earned a BA in Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD and then moved to Illinois to pursue an MD/PhD at The University of Chicago. To complete his PhD in Biophysical Sciences, he worked in the labs of Demet Araç, PhD and Shohei Koide, PhD in the department of biochemistry. Gabe utilized techniques in protein biochemistry, structural biology, and protein engineering to elucidate a novel mechanism by which adhesion type G protein-coupled receptors sense cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions and initiate canonical intracellular G protein signaling cascades. Continuing his Westward journey, Gabe matched into the Translational Investigator Program (TIP) at Stanford University and completed his Internal Medicine residency. As a fellow, Gabe plans to clinically focus on malignant hematology, lymphoma, and bone marrow transplant. He is interested in the engineering and development of biologics and identification of novel drug targets. In his free time, Gabe can usually be found at a local park or beach playing frisbee with his trusty Australian Shepherd, Harper.