Colin Bergstrom, MD (H/O)

Colin Bergstrom



Dr. Bergstrom received his undergraduate degree from the Honors College at the University of Oregon (Biochemistry) and completed his medical degree at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU). While at OHSU, his research focused on the genomics of metastatic endometrial cancer as well as predictors for recurrent prostate cancer. He completed an Internal Medicine residency at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, TX where he pursued broad research interests including the kinetics of hemostasis and thrombosis, breast cancer, immune checkpoint proteins and colorectal cancer. Post-residency, he was awarded a year-long research training grant funded through Burroughs Welcome investigating the colorectal tumor microenvironment. He hopes to continue research in the pathogenetic mechanisms of the tumor microenvironment with the development of innovative therapies.