Joseph M. Cleveland, MD (H/O)

Joseph M. Cleveland



Originally a native Californian (born in Bakersfield, CA), Dr. Cleveland spent the latter half of his life in Texas, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin and Medical Degree from the Texas A&M University College of Medicine, where he was inducted into both the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and Gold Humanism Honor Society. He then returned to his birth state of California, where he completed his Internal Medicine Residency at The University of California, San Francisco, prior to starting his Hematology and Oncology Fellowship training at Stanford University. During residency, under the tutelage of Dr. James Rubenstein, his research addressed a spectrum of investigations focusing on Central Nervous System Lymphoma, a distinct type of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma involving the brain. His studies specifically inquired into the molecular basis of cancer cells homing to the central nervous system, the intrinsic molecular factors of the cancer microenvironment that suppress immune response and promote therapy resistance, and the identification of molecular signals within the cerebrospinal fluid that provide diagnostic, prognostic and mechanistic information regarding brain tumor pathogenesis. He is a firm advocate for the early integration of Palliative Care with Oncology, with the patient’s wishes and quality of life being placed at the center of care. At Stanford, he intends to expand on his fascination in precision medicine and cancer biology, and become a Physician Scientist with a focus on Translational Research in the areas of Lymphoma and Leukemia. Dr. Cleveland’s hobbies include; spending time with his beautiful wife, who is an Infectious Disease Physician at UCSF, IronMan triathlons, cycling, running, hiking, cooking and watching Disney/Pixar Movies.