The Best Ways to Cope With a Noisy Office

Rachel Becker reports, for The Verge, on her quest to cancel out distracting office noise in the safest and most effective way.

She interviews SICHL’s Dr. Oghalai and Anthony Ricci, PhD, on their thoughts on a variety of methods for cancelling out ambient noise.

Whatever noise-dampening option I wind up sticking with, I want to be sure that it won’t do more harm than good. Hearing loss typically occurs as people age — about half of people over 65 have some typing of it, and it’s irreversible. But more than 1.1 billion young adults are also at risk, according to the World Health Organization, from turning up the volume on their smartphones and other devices. About half of people ages 12 to 35 in middle-to-high income countries are exposing themselves to unsafe levels of noise on their devices.