• Possible Link Between Vaccination and Tinnitus

    Recent studies indicate a higher incidence of sudden onnset tinnitus after receiving vaccination shots for COVID-19.

  • New Member Joins SICHL! July 2021

    Dr. Tina Stankovic moved from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital at Harvard to Stanford ONHS to become the new departmental chair.

  • SICHL Webinar; Feb 18, 2021

    On February 18, 2021, The Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss hosted a webinar about our research, led by Dr. Robert Jackler and including comments from Drs. Teresa Nicolson, Anthony Ricci and Alan Cheng. The live session reached attendees from five countries. The event was recorded for future audiences and includes captioning for the hearing impaired.

  • Hear 2 Tell Spotlight

    Our very own Dr. Teresa Nicolson, SICHL researcher and head of the Nicolson Lab, talked with hearing loss blogger Hear 2 Tell about gene therapy and future of hearing loss research. You can find the full article on the Hear 2 Tell website linked HERE.

  • Masked Research

    Like everyone else on the planet, Stanford Initiative to Cure Hearing Loss (SICHL) researchers have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the shelter-in-place phase, each lab determined the minimal work required to pause the research enterprise, such as maintaining strains of animals or cell cultures. A limited number of researchers were authorized to access the campus to minimize person-to-person interaction.