Lesson 8 - Doing Well by Doing Good

Dr. Pelletier suggests the following recommendations derived from his research on maintaining an altruistic orientation.

Identify any cause that strikes you as important. It can be visiting an ill or disabled family member, developing a recycling program at your work-site, or tackling a major social problem.

Devote time to being of service to a particular group of people, such as children, the disabled, or the elderly. Very often altruistic individuals find their greatest satisfaction in working with those who need help the most.

Develop a self-care group for others who wish to work together on a common problem, such as alcoholism or child care. Or share the enjoyment of a common interest like bird watching or hiking.

Volunteer in your children's (or grandchildren's) school, local political campaigns, or groups for charitable organizations in any way that allows you to join together with like-minded individuals committed to a common cause.

Join any group that has a devotion to something that has a greater purpose outside you. Research indicates that dedication to a greater purpose, as much as to other people, is what produces the greatest sense of fulfillment.

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