Lesson 5 -Staying Mentally Alert

Or you could..
Use your feet
The more aerobically fit someone is, the more oxygen their blood can carry to fuel activities throughout the body. Researchers suspect that some of the reasons people’s mental functioning improves with exercise is the supply of oxygen is increased to the brain and neural connections are improved between brain regions.

Surround yourself with provocative people
The most pleasant and rewarding way to increase your dendrites is to meet and interact with interesting and intelligent people. Enjoy discussions about current events, books, movies, and plays.

Seek complex problems to solve
Everything we’re taking about in this Healthy Aging class will help you to remain mentally active and alert as you get older. And remember; it’s never too late. You can teach an old dog new tricks! By continuing the learning process, you are challenging your brain and therefore building connections that helps your brain operate at peak efficiency.


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