Lesson 3 -Move it or Lose it

  1. Incorporate 150 minutes of physical activity during the week. If you're already doing this or more - great! Keep it up.
  2. Begin to incorporate strength training into your weekly routine.
  3. Select the three benefits of physical activity that are the most important to you.
  Increase muscle mass and strength
  Increase bone density
  Increase your metabolism
  Increase your energy level
  Improve your balance
  Maintain your independence as you get older
  Improve your reaction time
  Improve your cognitive ability
  Increase your HDL (good) cholesterol
  Improve the quality of your sleep
  Increase the likelihood of living longer
  Decreasing your body fat percentage
  Decreasing your blood pressure
  Slow the rate of bone loss
  Decrease your chances for falls and fractures
  Alleviate anxiety, depression and stress
  Increase your insulin resistance
  Decrease your risk for heart attack
  Decrease your risk for some cancers

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