Lesson 2 - Bust the Aging Myths

2) Educate yourself

After increasing our self-awareness, we can educate ourselves about the realities of aging by looking for reliable resources. Knowing the facts is the best way to distinguish myth from reality!  There is a network of leading research scientists from key fields to determine what aging actually involves. Research has helped us revolutionize how we think about aging.

There are many excellent books and resources on the psychology, physiology, and sociology of aging.

A good place to start is a book by Lara Carstensen, Ph.D., founding director of the Stanford Center for Longevity. Her book, A Long Bright Future, gives an action plan for a lifetime of happiness, health, and financial security.  Another book, which was on  the NY Times best selling books list, is “Younger Next Year” by Crowley and Lodge.


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