"The right of each individual in any relation to secure to himself the full benefits of his intelligence, his capacity, his industry and skill are among the inalienable inheritances of humanity" ~ Leland Stanford

Research Investigators

Abby C. King, PhD

Faculty Director

M. Inés Campero

HARTS Lab Manager

Dulce Garcia

HARTS Lab Measurement Team Director

Ana L.Cortes

Social Science Research Professional, Clinic Assessor

Isela Blanco-Velazquez

Social Science Research Professional, Health Interventionist

Fernando Fierros

Social Science Research Coordinator

Michele Escobar

Social Science Research Coordinator

Daniel Vuong

Social Science Research Assistant

David K. Ahn, PhD


Dana Waller

Administrative Associate

Darlyne Esparza

Administrative Associate

HARTS Interns


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Michele ("Shelley") Lanpher Patel

Post-Doctoral Fellow, SCRDP/ Heart Disease Prevention

Patricia Rodriguez Espinoza 

Post-Doctoral Fellow, SCRDP/ Heart Disease Prevention

Andrea Mendoza Vasconez 

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, SCRDP/ Heart Disease Prevention


Jylana L. Sheats, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Nutrition 

Tulane University (School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine)

Rebecca E. Lee

Senior Sustainability Scientist, Professor

Arizona State University (Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability)

Matthew P. Buman

Associate Professor

Arizona State University (School of Nutrition and Health Promotion)