Our mission

At Stanford Medicine, we are committed to achieving health equity and strive for our patients and communities to have equal opportunity to reach their full health potential. Our mission to address health care disparities is driven by a committee of leaders, faculty, and staff from all entities within Stanford Medicine: Stanford Children’s Health, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Health Care, United Healthcare Alliance, and Valley Care. It is our goal to ensure all patients receive equal priority and the highest level of care.

Stanford Medicine has several diversity and health equity programs:

  • Stanford Medicine Health Equity Committee
  • Diversity at Stanford Medicine
  • Stanford Medicine Health Equity, Advocacy and Research (HEARs)
  • Commission on Justice & Equity

Stanford Medicine health equity initiatives

Featured at the 14th Annual Clinical Excellence Summit:  Bridging for Health Equity at Stanford Medicine, these programs represent some of Stanford Medicine's health equity initiatives.


Bringing awareness and improving our culture


One pillar of our mission is to bring awareness and improve the culture of Stanford Medicine where health care disparities may exist. This is guided by the Stanford Medicine Health Equity Committee, which is comprised of leadership from across all Stanford Medicine entities. They develop and employ strategic initiatives to reach all Stanford Medicine faculty, and staff.   

Improving care

Improving the clinical and quality of care

Improving care

Ensuring that all patients achieve their full health potential through examining upstream social determinants of health and downstream health condition interventions. We continuously measure our improvement, and utilizate data-based national and regional benchmarks. 


Engaging and listening


Engage and listen to underserved communities to build trust and sustained partnerships towards community health improvement.

Improving access

Improving access to quality healthcare

Patient Access

Understanding and improving barriers to healthcare services experienced by the community, and ensuring equal access to all. 

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