HEA₃RT for Students & Fellows

Being part of an academic institution means that we have the gift of being surrounded by the brightest minds and the next generation of healthcare leaders. We feel that it is paramount for this new cohort of medical leaders to gain experience in the development and application of AI as we see it augmenting and improving healthcare delivery more and more.

  • There are many ways that learners can work with us including, but not limited to:
    • Collaborating and contributing directly to existing HEA3RT projects
    • Engaging with a HEA3RT team member as an advisor on your project(s)
    • Access to relevant clinical environments
    • Access to a simulation lab


Contact us here to schedule an introductory meeting!

Current Learner Collaborations

Samuel Thomas MD

Fellow, Stanford Intermountain Fellowship

"The high quality of the partnership came from clearly defined goals and objectives followed by structured meetings and deliverables that carried the work forward. Research is often ambiguous and finding the right dynamics on a team can be a big challenge, but I never experienced this during the partnership with HEA3RT."