HEA₃RT for Stanford Collaborators

Advancing the field of applied AI research is our focus and that includes working with industry as well as the talented scientists, administrators and clinicians right here at Stanford.

  • There are two main ways to engage internally with our team:
    • Collaboration on a research project
    • Collaboration on a quality improvement project


  • In either of the above, our team can partner by providing:
    • Quality improvement and design thinking expertise
    • Experience in AI-specific research study design
    • Access to relevant clinical environments
    • Access to a simulation lab
    • Expertise in navigating the approvals and logistics associated with conducting applied AI research
    • Established relationships with key internal stakeholders such as contracting, privacy, and compliance
    • Manuscript co-development and publication


Contact us here to schedule an introductory meeting!

Current Stanford Collaborations

Nirav Shah MD, MPH

Senior Scholar, Clinical Excellence Research Center

"This collaboration has been wonderful, and has set a new standard for my expectations of what clinical research can be."