HEA₃RT for External Collaborators

Whether you have a nascent idea that needs clinical input, data and early stage feasibility research or a fully developed model in need of operational and clinical outcomes research, HEA3RT has what you need to advance your ideas.

  • There are two main ways you can engage with our team:
    • Ad-hoc consulting agreements for agreed upon deliverables
    • Sponsored research projects


  • What we offer:
    • Broad clinical expertise and experience
    • Quality improvement and design thinking expertise
    • Experience in AI-specific research study design
    • Access to clinical environments
    • Access to a simulation lab
    • Close partnerships with internal teams with access to data for research purposes, discovery, and societal benefit
    • Expertise in navigating the approvals and logistics associated with conducting applied AI research
    • Established relationships with key internal stakeholders such as contracting, privacy, and compliance
    • Manuscript co-development and publication


Contact us here to schedule an introductory meeting!

Current External Collaborations

Srini Akkaraju MD, PhD

Co-Founder, Codex Health

"The collaboration with Stanford has been awesome from the start – really great, open dialogue, shared vision, creativity, thoughtfulness, and prioritization – we couldn’t have asked for more up to this point, and it portends an incredibly productive partnership going forward."