Work With HEA₃RT

Our work covers a broad range of aims centered on the development and integration of AI technologies that solve important, practical problems for patients, providers and health systems. This includes enhanced diagnostics, risk prediction and intervention, chart review and documentation, population health management and other critical areas of healthcare delivery.

Whether you are a prospective external collaborator, Stanford collaborator, or learner, explore the pages below to learn about different ways to work with us.

"The collaboration with Stanford has been awesome from the start – really great, open dialogue, shared vision, creativity, thoughtfulness, and prioritization – we couldn’t have asked for more up to this point."

  • Srini Akkaraju MD, PhD
  • Co-Founder, Codex Health

"The team brings not only clinical expertise but also operational excellence. For our project, Dr. Sattler led the team to think through every aspect of the clinical workflow to ensure the best patient and provider experiences possible."

  • Jiayin Xue MD, MPH
  • Adjunct Professor, Clinical Excellence Research Center

"The high quality of the collaboration came from clearly defined goals followed by structured meetings and deliverables that carried the work forward. Research is often ambiguous and finding the right dynamics on a team can be a big challenge, but I never experienced this during the collaboration with HEA3RT."

  • Samuel Thomas MD
  • Fellow, Stanford + Intermountain Fellowship 

Use the Simulation Lab

If you are interested in using the HEA3RT Simulation Lab, please fill out this survey to help us better understand your needs and how you hope to use the space.

To learn more about our hourly rates, please click here.

Support HEA₃RT


Philanthropic support helps us advance the study and implementation of AI in healthcare to solve specific, practical problems and bring leading technologies "from code to bedside."

If you are interested in making a gift and supporting our lab and our work, please write to us by visiting our contact page.