Brainstorm, Simulate, Analyze

Introducing the Simulation Lab

Guide to Using the Simulation Lab

Our ideation and simulation lab is conveniently located on the Stanford Redwood City campus. As a user-centered, open-innovation ecosystem, with the ability to rapidly create any real-world clinical space monitored by video and sensor technology, our simulation lab is uniquely equipped to allow extensive learning before live clinical testing.

Together with students, faculty, clinicians and industry partners, this space can be used to simulate workflows, evaluate the utility of AI technologies, and rapidly test and scale AI solutions for healthcare. 

Use the Simulation Lab

If you are interested in using the HEA3RT Simulation Lab, please fill out this survey to help us better understand your needs and how you hope to use the space.

To learn more about our hourly rates, please click here.

Mock clinic exam room

Open lounge area

Open collaboration space

Simulation debrief room