Keynote Conversations

Anchoring our six-day Health Matters community health event were two special keynote conversations. These sessions helped us focus on the positives we can take away from our shared experience over the past year, and the lessons we can apply as we reconnect with others and our own humanity.


Lessons from the bench: A conversation with Steve Kerr

Best known for winning eight NBA Championships, Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr is also regarded for his enlightened coaching style and ability to build chemistry and culture. Learn how his ideals were tested by the pandemic, an interrupted season, and the continued loss of Black lives to police brutality. During this thought-provoking conversation, School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor and Kerr discussed their shared passion for inspiring high-performance teams and keeping their organizations, communities, and themselves healthy. Watch the replay here.


Moving past COVID with courage, hope, and self-compassion

As we emerge from a year like no other, how do we deal with the stress or anxiety that might accompany our return to normalcy? Stanford Medicine Community Council member Kori Shaw interviewed best-selling author and lecturer Kelly McGonigal about her neuroscience- and psychology-based insights for moving forward with courage, hope, and self-compassion. Through her teachings on stress and exercise, McGonigal showed us how to reclaim our sense of humanity as we begin to reconnect with others. Watch the replay here.