Virtual Health Hub

Explore lifelong health

Visit our virtual Health Hub and explore science-based resources for lifelong wellness—fitness and yoga classes for the mind and body, cooking demonstrations, podcasts, community resources from Stanford Health Care, health facts quizzes, medical insights, and more—all from the convenience of your own home.


As a trusted resource for quality medical care and evidence-based health information, learn what resources Stanford has for you, your family, and community regardless of where you receive your primary health care.

Stanford Medicine is here for our community—both as a provider of primary, specialty, and tertiary care, and as a resource for health prevention and support. Through survivorship programs, community health engagement services, and world-class medical care for our diverse community, Stanford is your partner in health.

Enhance your physical and mental wellness through this unique collection of interactive mind and body experiences. Each was developed by Stanford Medicine experts—nutritionists, psychiatrists and behavioral science specialists, sports performance coaches, and physicians—and follows a science-based approach to lifelong health and wellness.

•      Everyday home fitness
•      YogaX for body, mind, and spirit
•      Creative cooking demonstrations and recipes
•      Nutrition science: Demystifying popular diets
•      Women’s Health Myths: Fact vs. Fiction?
•      Women’s Health podcast
•      Join the conversation: What does it mean to be a cancer survivor?
•      Explore the New Stanford Hospital
•      Behind the scenes: Emergency Medicine and the LifeFlight helicopter