The faculty of the Robert A. Chase Hand & Upper Limb Center are active in clinical and basic science research. With the assistance of postdoctoral scholars, Residents, and other research staff, they further the knowledge of the field. Our researchers participate regularly in professional organizations focusing on the study of the hand and upper limb, and every year our faculty and their students present on and publish their findings.

Ongoing research projects at the Chase Hand & Upper Limb Center:

James Chang, MD

  • Optimization of human tendon engineering using bioreactors
  • Outcomes analysis of complex microsurgical reconstruction
  • Financial impact of a complex reconstruction center
  • Use of CT angiography in upper extremity reconstruction
  • Tissue engineering of flexor tendons using stem cells

Emilie Cheung, MD

  • Periprosthetic bone mass after shoulder arthroplasty
  • 3D shoulder kinematics after shoulder arthroplasty
  • Patient adherence to postoperative restrictions and related outcomes after rotator cuff repair
  • Management of perioperative wound complications about the elbow

Catherine Curtin, MD

  • Long-term effects of PTSD after mutilating hand injuries
  • Upper limb morbididty in people with spinal cord injury an epidemiologic study
  • Role of shoulder surgery in spinal cord injury

Vincent R. Hentz, MD

  • Multicenter trial to improve grasp in tetraplegia
  • Injectable enzymatic treatment of Dupuytren's contractures

Robin N. Kamal, MD

  • Shared decision making
  • Definitions of quality
  • Value and cost in healthcare
  • Patient reported outcome measures

Amy L. Ladd, MD

Subhro K. Sen, MD

  • Peripheral nerve regeneration, use of acellularized nerve allografts

Jeffrey Yao, MD

  • Minimally invasive and arthroscopic treatment alternatives for common hand and wrist disorders
  • Biologic Augmentation of tendon repair strategies utilizing stem cells
  • Cartilage engineering strategies utilizing stem cells