Please remember to acknowledge our sequencing service grants NIH S10OD025212, and NIH/NIDDK P30DK116074 in your publications.  (ex: Acknowledgement: “This work used the Genome Sequencing Service Center by Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine Sequencing Center, supported by the grant award NIH S10OD025212, and NIH/NIDDK P30DK116074.”).  This helps our center immensely and is greatly appreciated!

Approved Library Preparation Kits

We are able to accomodate a wide arrange of custom run sizes, primers, and prep kits (be sure to check ahead of time just to be certain, some techniques require special attention on certain platforms!)  A list of supported platforms is located on our Library Preparation Service page.

Please contact us in the early phases of library preparation if you are a new library submitter. We require DNA concentrations as measured by Qubit and library fragment sizes as measured by Agilent Bioanalyzer, using the High Sensitivity DNA Assay. The latter is also useful for detecting adapter-adapter dimers. The Bioanalyzer trace is required on the submission form to ensure a quick and accurate turnaround.

Custom sequencing primers can be used if compatable with the Illumina platform you desire to use. Please consult with Illumina Technical Support if you have any questions regarding custom primer design. The user is held responsible for the results of the primer design.

How to Submit Your Sample

Important: The following forms and instructions are for Illumina libraries and sequencing only.  For Sequel, please contact us directly at

Submission Guidelines

The current version of the submission forms can be found at the links above.  If we are preparing your libraries as well as performing sequencing, you only need to fill out the library preparation form.

  • Please include a PDF file with Bioanalyzer data (curves and peak tables) for each sample with your submission.  This is required.
  • Please fill out the form correctly, the Sequencing Center will not be held responsible for any errors or delays resulting from incorrect forms.
  • Please submit samples in a 1.5mL tube.
  • Please clearly label your tubes.
  • Please give your samples a descriptive name.
  • Please submit at least 10uL of sample (15uL for NovaSeq submissions), the more the better.

For Custom Primers

  • Please clearly label your custom primer and include it with at least 50uL at a concentration of 100uM with your samples.
  • Please let us know whether the primers can be spiked in to the Illumina TruSeq primer mix or not.
  • Please let us know what steps require the custom primers (Read 1, Read 2, Indexing steps)
  • The HiSeq 4000 is not currently able to utilize custom primers.

It is important to clearly label your samples and primers with labels on the top and sides.  Please give your samples unique names.  We process hundreds of samples per week and will not be held responsible if your submission lacks proper identification. 

Submission Steps:

  1. Download the submission spreadsheet and fill out the information.

  2. Email the submission spreadsheet and the Bioanalyzer results to:
    For Library Prep Submissions:
    For Sequencing Submissions:

  3. Drop your samples off at Beckman Room 262 (B262).  There is a small freezer in the back-left of the lab that is labeled for service center drop off.  It is somewhat hidden behind larger freezers when viewing from the door, so make sure to proceed to the back of the lab to find it.

Snyder Lab Members

  1. Download the submission spreadsheet and fill out the information.

  2. Email the submission spreadsheet with the Bioanalyzer results attached to:

  3. Drop your sample off in Room 2260 of 3165 Porter Drive.  There is a freezer named "Mr. Freeze" with a sign indicating that it is for Sequencing Center submissions at the far south end of the lab near the bench for Hassan Chaib.