The Goodman Wormsense Laboratory

Touch and proprioception—these senses provide our body essential feedback for health.  They enable us to stand, sit, walk, run and danceChronic diseases such as diabetes and HIV-AIDS, chemotherapy during cancer treatment, and even normal aging all diminish these senses, leading to debilitating falls among the elderly and lower-limb amputation in diabetics—events that cost more the than $20 billion/year in health-care costs.

Yet, we have only the most basic understanding of these senses.  By developing new tools and analytical approaches to assess mechanoreceptor neurons, their ion channels and molecular signalling, my laboratory uncovers unique insights into how we, as humans, feel and sense the world around us.


Goodman Lab Lunch February 2024

(Pictured Clockwise from Left: Hongfei Ji, Caroline Arellano-Garcia, Lexy Strom, Visiting Scholar Aref Saberi, Wagner Nors, Lucero Rogel, Chandni Jaisinghani, Emily Fryer)