GSEC Research Funding

Without the generous support of our grant funders, the work of the Goodman Surgical Education Center undoubtedly would not be where it is today. From a flipped classroom curriculum to scrub training videos on YouTube, funding from grants has allowed us to improve surgical education for all levels of learners, not just at Stanford Surgery, but across the nation. In the coming years, the GSEC hopes to continue our work, disseminate what we learn, and incite a research-based revolution. Thank you for making this possible!

GSEC Grants in Action

Revenue Sharing Innovation Grant

"With the support of Stanford’s Teaching and Mentoring Academy, we were able to design an asynchronous scrub training curriculum for all of our medical students and physician assistant students here at Stanford. Not only have our students benefited, but we uploaded the scrub training video to Youtube where it has been viewed more than 56,000 times."

-Brittany Hasty, MD
Surgical Education Fellow

Teaching and Mentoring Academy Innovation Grant

"[Fellow Stanford Medical Student] Jecca Steinberg and I designed and facilitated a weekly seminar course that introduces medical students to diverse surgeons who are passionate about improving equity in the field of surgery as it relates to patients, communities, professional institutions, health policy and global health. We then measured the impact of the seminar on medical students’ perspectives and career trajectories.

"The grant covered incentives for the survey participants of our study, lunch for the participants and will also cover costs associated with analyzing the data, publishing and presenting the results."

-Paloma Marin-Nevarez
Stanford Medical Student
GSEC Research Assistant

Innovation in Teaching and Researching Online and Blended Courses Grant

"The cornerstone for the surgery core clerkship program for the medical students on mistreatment is the trigger videos. The trigger videos depict scenes that may or may not be interpreted as challenged teaching environments and facilitate the discussion of identifying and or reporting mistreatment.  The VPTL grant for this project ensured the professional quality of videos that are dispersed internationally open source through the AAMC’s MedEdPORTAL. This program’s success is directly attributable to the Stanford Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Grant we received for this project. The project and the results of this were published in Academic Medicine."


-Cara Liebert, MD
Surgical Education Fellowship Graduate

GSEC Grants