Clinical Teaching Seminar Series


The Clinical Teaching Seminar Series (CTSS) is a year-long faculty development program in medical education, designed to introduce clinical educators to fundamental concepts in education. The seminars are high-yield, relevant, and interactive, providing practical tips for bedside teaching, curriculum development, and education research. 

The HONORS CERTIFICATE PROGRAM is meant to recognize participants with a dedication to medical education, who regularly attend the seminars and complete a scholarly project in medical education. The Honors Program is a multi-disciplinary program open to all medical students, residents, fellows, staff, and faculty with an interest in medical education.

Schedule (as of 11/30/2017)


August 2nd 2017

CTSS overview - Needs assessment and Goals/Objectives (Jim Lau) – LKSC 130 

September 6th 2017

Curriculum development – Individualized through Mentorship Groups (Becky Blankenburg) LKSC 101/102 – one and half hours 

October 4th 2017

Quantitative Analyses for Medical Education (Rita Popat)    

October 18th 2017

Search Strategies for Medical Education-LKSC 130 5:15 

November 1st 2017

Learning Climate (Kelley Skeff)

December 6th 2017

Survey Methods (Dan West)

January 10th 2017

LKSC 101 Qualitative Survey Data Analysis (Sylvia Merrell)

February 7th 2018

Bedside Clinical Teaching (Sarah Williams)

March 7th 2018

Large group didactics (Neil Gesundheit)

April 4th 2018

Dissemination strategies for medical education – (Pat O’Sullivan) 

April 15th-May 1st 2018

Conference Abstracts Due – SIMEC III    

May 2nd 2018

Professional Identity (Lars Osterberg) 

June 2nd 2018

Conference (SIMEC III)

June 13th 2018

Scholar Presentations (people who don’t make the conference)

July 4th 2018

No session