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Last Revised 11/23/2020

The Big Picture

  • Accreditation Database System (ADS) annual program updates are made every year between July - September to ACGME.
  • The Program Director and Coordinator of an ACGME-accredited program has access to ACGME.
  • Non-ACGME programs do not submit an ADS update.
  • Program information from ADS is made public by ACGME. See the ACGME Stanford Health Care page.


GME anticipates there is a minimum of 4 reviewers:

GME's ADS Resource

Stanford GME have created a WebADS reference manual to help programs update and complete their ADS. This manual provides clarification, information, and examples for ADS questions. 

ACGME Requirements

Programs' ADS Window

Please note that ACGME program names are reflected in these lists below.