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The direct number for asymptomatic/routine scheduling is 650-497-9595. 

Recent Updates

New COVID Vaccine Declaration Requirement at Santa Clara Valley [8-17-21]

Santa Clara County has just issued vaccine requirements effective August 20, 2021. All residents/fellows must set up a COUNTY READYSET ACCOUNT and upload vaccine documentation to rotate at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and facilities. Please note GME is unable to batch process any residents/fellows. See attached document and note below for link & additional instructions.

Set up County Readyset Account -

Verify your Covid Vaccine Status with Occupational Health - ALL Housestaff required

Occupational Health still may not have evidence of your COVID 19 vaccination. You still have time to get Covid vaccinated. Appointments are available through SHC Occupational Health 300P at

If you been Covid vaccinated, please upload your information through the attached QR code. A sticker for your identification badge can be picked up Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:00PM at 300P old Admitting Area (B12) near the fountain entrance.

However, if you wish to request an accommodation or delay in getting the Covid vaccination, please see the attached accommodations request.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Ann M. Dohn, MA
DIO & Executive Director
Graduate Medical Education
Stanford Health Care
300 Pasteur Dr, MC 5207 • Stanford, CA 94305
O: 650.723.5948 F: 650.723.3045

SHC How To Request for a Religious or Medical Accommodations (Five Step Process) {8-11-21}

See document for more information. 

Moving to the next phase {6-15-21}

Starting today, June 15, California will lift most masking requirements and other precautions for people who are vaccinated, though individual counties may choose to continue restrictions longer. This shift in guidelines does not apply to health care settings. The safety of our patients, visitors, employees, and community remain our most critical guiding principle; and as a health system with vulnerable patients, we're proceeding cautiously in line with recommendations of our public health authorities. We anticipate certain restrictions being lifted within health care facilities soon, but none of our current policies are changing today.  

View the latest hospital visitation policies.

Here are the latest for guidance and parameters for end of year events (eg, graduation). [4-22-21]

That includes guidance for gaining University approval for on campus graduation events. The guidance and parameters for graduation events are evolving rapidly evolving, and we will keep you updated as information is available.

All events must be outdoors, with either a maximum capacity of 100 people, or, if everyone is tested and/or can show proof of vaccination the cap is 300, venue space permitting for distancing (approximately ~28sq ft per person/couple).

The event registration form can be found at

In order to use University Funds, the event must have a "Business Purpose". Examples include award presentations or speeches. We recommend you categorize your event as a Non-Academic Department Event. The event team has an eye out for anything tagged with SoM or graduation.

Events that are scheduled in the Arts Zone or the Community Zone may include spouses or other family members, but no minors.

Events should be scheduled through the Office of Special Events, where they can assist with venue registration, tables, AV, etc. As of yesterday, the OSEP website says it is not scheduling any events. However, I'm told that Elaine Enos may be able to assist you with availability / getting set up with an event coordinator from OSEP. Some locations to consider include Frost amphitheater, the lawn next to the Rodin sculpture garden, Stanford golf course, cantor north lawn for smaller groups, and Sand Hill athletic fields.

Boxed food and individual packaged/bottled beverages may be served. Food will need to be prepared by a caterer or restaurant. Buffet style or self-serve is not allowed at this time, nor is bar service. A seating chart is required if food will be served, and people need to be seated by household and spaced ~10ft from other households in the seating plan so you will need to select a venue accordingly.

All events must be led by the Department; student led events are not permitted.

Minors are not allowed at any events on campus.

Legal is not allowing any events off campus; that is, it will not be possible to get approval to use department funds for events off campus, such at faculty homes or restaurants. If a group wants to go off campus such as eat a restaurant together with their families, not using university funds, they are not stopping us - it's a private gathering.

Update to travel guidance [4-1-21]

For School of Medicine:

The State of California continues to discourage nonessential travel amid the pandemic. For those who do travel, Stanford has updated its university travel policy to again allow faculty, staff and postdoctoral scholars who travel more than 150 miles from Santa Clara County or San Mateo County to return to the Stanford main campus or Stanford Redwood City campus after:

Receiving a negative COVID-19 test five or more days after their arrival back, or

10 days without a COVID-19 test

For Stanford Health Care, Stanford Children's Health, Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare and University Healthcare Alliance:

Fully vaccinated health care workers (more than 14 days from second dose of mRNA vaccine or one dose of vector vaccine) are not required to have a COVID-19 test after domestic travel.

 Nonvaccinated or partially vaccinated health care workers must have a COVID-19 test three to five days after returning from domestic travel outside of California.

 All health care workers who travel internationally are required to be tested three to five days after return.

Quarantine after travel is no longer required, but all employees should follow CDC, state and county travel guidance.

[Physician Support Services for Challenging Times 1.11.21]

WellConnect – Free confidential consultation with psychiatrist/psychologist.  Available to SoM faculty in addition to fellows and residents.

•Available 24/7 and can be reached at (650) 724-1395 or

•More information can be found at

Physician Support Network (PRN) - Confidential conversation with a trained colleague.  Available to SoM physicians, fellows and residents.

•Faculty Staff Help Center - Professional counseling for individuals, couples and families to address both work and personal issues

•10 free sessions per topic

Coaching for Health Care Clinicians - Certified health and wellness coaches to help physicians navigate difficult situations at home or work, identify and achieve your goals, and practice self-advocacy and self-compassion

•Approved for STAP and EA (tuition reimbursement) funds

•WellMD subsidized program for physicians without STAP funds

[SHC Color Covid-19 Testing 1.4.2021]

Stanford Medicine is launching a COVID-19 self-testing program with Color Genomics. All employees across all Stanford Medicine entities are encouraged to test weekly using the Color Genomics self-swab testing program.


When signing up for Color testing, use your email address

Ignore any associated messages about ORMS and “eligibility” for Color testing.  (Fellows/residents are Stanford Health Care employees – ORMS eligibility for Color is for Stanford University employees only and does not apply to Stanford Health Care employees.)

Please address any questions to 

[SCVMC Vaccine Notice 1.4.2021]

If you received your first dose of the COVID vaccine at SCVMC, you should return to SCVMC for the second dose. Any questions about scheduling the second dose should be directed to your faculty at SCVMC.

[Color Genomics - Employee Self Testing 1.4.2021]

Beginning January 4, 2021, all Stanford Medicine staff are encouraged to test weekly
Additional asymptomatic populations will phase-in over time
SOM & University staff will be required to test weekly, if they enter campus buildings 
Color Genomics self-administered testing kits can be picked up at 7 locations (beginning Jan 4)  
Specimens may be dropped off for testing at 16 Stanford University or Stanford Medicine locations 
Beginning mid-January, additional pick up and drop off locations will roll out across the network

See source for details Color Stanford Medicine Roadshow TM 12-31-20

[COVID Vaccine Volunteer Opportunities for Residents 12.16.2020]

If you are interested in helping administer vaccines please see the link below.

[COVID Vaccination Process and HealthStream Challenges 12.15.2020]

A few important points about our COVID vaccination process and the HealthStream notification you should have received yesterday from

  • It may look like a generic training announcement, but it’s actually our way to find out who wants the vaccine and who might want to delay or decline.  It also has important information, including the vaccine’s FDA approval notice and the Stanford COVID Vaccination FAQs, that you should review before coming for your vaccination.  It comes from this address:
  • For some providers, due to having multiple HealthStream accounts, there may be duplicate courses (Stanford Medical COVID-19 Vaccination …) listed when they open their HealthStream account.  It’s clunky but please bear with us and attempt to begin one of those courses.  Please try to complete the courses listed.  If none of them work, please call the IT help desk listed in your invitation.
  • We are eliminating the deadline.  You do still need to complete this task ASAP so that we can have an idea of how many people will delay or decline vaccination.  If you do not complete this when you come for vaccination, it may create delays as we will need you to review the materials included in the course before you can be vaccinated. 
  • UHA providers: You may need to click on “Non-UHA Provider” to access the module.
  • Finally, if you are unable to get this done, you will still be invited to receive your vaccination and we will take care of this task at the vaccination site.  We do ask that you make every reasonable effort to complete this task promptly.  This will help us in our efforts to get everybody vaccinated as quickly as possible.


For Vaccination Attestation HealthStream assistance, please direct questions/comments to:

[Access to Vacination Attestation Module on HealthStream 12.15.2020]

Please direct staff that need assistance with the HealthStream – vaccination attestation module to the following website for assistance:

[HCW COVID Testing Info 12.14.2020]

Healthcare Worker (Staff, Faculty, Trainees) COVID-19 Testing update

Testing options:

  • Walk in to 300P HRT (with no symptoms) is available today, SATURDAY 12/12, until 1700.
  • HRT will be on B3 on SUNDAY, 12/13 from 0700-1600 to provide COVID testing without appointments for your team members.
  • MDs may drive through Galvez Lot (279 Galvez Street) on SUNDAY 12/13 from 0800-1600. Self-identify to registration that they are a Stanford Healthcare Worker.
  • Staff who have already scheduled a test may keep their appointments if they like.
  • Staff may schedule via MyHealth or by calling 650-497-9595 to arrange a time as well.

For more information see flyer

[COVID Vaccine Allocation and Information FAQs 12.11.2020]

1) How did Stanford Medicine develop its principles for vaccine distribution?

The Stanford Medicine community convened a multidisciplinary group of experts in ethics, infectious disease control, and operations to develop principles needed to determine an ethical sequencing for vaccine distribution. These principles -- assuring the safety of essential health care workforce, mitigating the impact from health disparities, and ensuring equity and transparency throughout the process – informed the distribution models that serve as the basis for our approach today.

2) When will the COVID-19 vaccine be available to the Stanford Medicine community?

Based on latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Stanford Medicine is anticipating ample supply to vaccinate 35,000+ members of the workforce in the next few months. 

[Holiday Gathering and Travel Guidelines 12.11.2020]

SAFE: Consistently adhere to strong masking, social distancing, and hand hygiene practices.

SMALL: Limit gatherings to no more than 3 households.

SHORT: Limit gatherings to no more than 2 hours in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.

STABLE: Do not participate in multiple gatherings with many different households.

More details in flier from Workforce Health and Wellness

[COVID Surge Handbook 6.3.2020]

The COVID Surge Handbook is a collective effort by a team comprised of designers, physicians, students, and residents affiliated with Stanford and Future Medical Systems.  We hope this handbook of online resources will help hospital administrators, clinical managers and providers plan for a surge in hospitalizations. We welcome contributions from the medical community at all levels.


[Trainees With Disabilities/Medical Condition Requiring Accomodations 4.17.2020]

Residents with disabilities or medical conditions that might require workplace accommodation in connection with working with COVID-19 patients should work with their program director or the GME director to explore possible accommodations, such as additional PPE, or alternative rotations, if possible, etc.  Program directors are reminded that any resident PHI, such as MD notes, should not be placed in the resident's file. 

[Interpreter Service for Telehealth Visits 4.15.2020]

Temporary Lodging Application Guide [3.27.2020]

Evaluation and Management of Patients with COVID-19 [3.25.2020]

Please see the attached latest clinical guidelines for the evaluation and management of patients with COVID-19.

Video Update from WellMD [3.21.2020]

Click Here to watch Video 

This video includes updates on the following topics:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Protecting my family
  • Access to testing if I develop symptoms
  • Support for physicians on isolation
  • Childcare support
    • *Bright Horizons Back-Up Care and Crisis Care Stipend
    • SitterCity
    • SMS Childcare Initiative: A group of Stanford medical students and graduate students have generously offered their help with emergency child care in the face of the growing COVID pandemic. This resource is very limited and is being reserved for those for who the above options have not provided a solution. If you are a faculty member or resident at SHC or Stanford Children’s Health and need assistance with childcare after exhausting all other options, please fill out this request form after reviewing the guidelines.
  • Support during more intense work schedules
  • Efforts to strengthen communication


*Username: SHC & Password: backup1. When you enter your personal information please ensure it matches what is on the SHC directory or you will not be recognized as an SHC employee

Pregnant Provider COVID-19 Staffing Recommendations [3.19.2020]

(Approved by COST Committee3/19/2020)

  1. Given that pregnant women have been at higher risk of severe outcomes in other novel respiratory infections, the potential risks of indicated preterm delivery, and the possibility that pregnant women may still be at greater risk of complications from COVID-19 due to our minimal data available on severity/complications in pregnancy, we recommend that pregnant faculty, trainees, and staff limit, whenever possible, direct care of patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. While the available data do not support removing pregnant providers from work at this time, this should be reassessed as additional data are available.
  2. We recommend that pregnant faculty, trainees, and staff avoid in-person patient care and patient contact after 37 weeks of gestation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will minimize maternal infection risk, thus minimizing risk of mother/infant separation after birth if a mother is COVID-19 positive.





Child Care Options

Option 1: Explore Personal Options

  • It is often ideal for children to be cared for by someone they know.
  • We encourage you to explore options available to you for childcare/adult care including partners, family, trusted friends, etc.
  • Parents are discouraged from having older family members provide childcare as they are a higher risk group for COVID-19.

Option 2: Use Your Benefits

  • For benefit eligible employees and physicians, consider utilizing Bright Horizons' Back-Up Care Advantage Program, which provides up to 80 hours of back-up care (center-based care or in-home care options) for your children and adult/elder relatives when regular dependent care is unavailable. To register please call the 24/7 contact center at 877-BH-CARES (242-2737) or register online using the following steps:
    • Go to, then scroll down to where "Reserve Back-up Care" is offered
    • Click "Not signed up yet?"
    • Enter your institution username and password and then follow the prompts.
      • For SHC employees: Username: SHC Password: backup1
      • For SoM physicians: Username: sucares Password: Benefits4You
        • When you enter your personal information, please ensure it matches what is on the SoM directory or you will not be recognized as an SoM faculty
      • If you have exhausted your allocation of Bright Horizon's hours, SHC benefit eligible employees can request up to 80 additional Bright Horizon's Back Up Care hours.
      • It is strongly recommended to use the website or mobile app to make requests. 

 Option 3: Access Additional Assistance

  • Through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage program, SHC benefit eligible employees can receive a reimbursement stipend of $100 per day to help pay for care you arrange with a babysitter, friend, or relative. To qualify, register and then make a reservation prior to the day you need care (or on the same day for urgent needs). This can be used up to 10 days. Here are the steps:
    • When making a reservation, from the "Available Care Options" page, select the "Crisis Care" button.
    • Follow the prompts to reserve care and complete the necessary Confirmation and Release
    • Within 10 days after care, submit a completed Request for Reimbursement to be reimbursed $100/day
    • Click on "Use It" (New users, select "Not signed up yet? Register Now")
  • Questions? Contact Bright Horizons 24/7 at 877-242-2737


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Contact Information

Please use the contacts below for physician questions and patient consultations regarding

COVID-19. These contacts will escalate to epidemiology leads if they are unable to answer

your question.


Ethicist Resource 

For any trainees with ethical concerns or moral distress who would like to discuss with an ethicist, there are two new emails for people to reach out to our service:

SHC Ethics Consultation pager #16230

LPCH Ethics Consultation pager #18537