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Mindfulness is a state of mind that helps us pay better attention to what we do and how we interact with others. It helps us handle stressful situations more calmly, feel more compassion for ourselves and our patients, and counteracts burnout.  Mindfulness can be learned through a variety of practices.

Pause, Breath, Listen

Residency and fellowship can be very stressful, and stress and burnout may impede well-being, your relationships with loved ones and friends, and ability to provide high level patient care. With that in mind, we have created a series of programs that offer proven techniques to reduce burnout and manage stress, collectively known as mindfulness practices. 

– Dr. Laurence Katznelson, Associate Dean of GME, Stanford School of Medicine

An Introduction to Mindfulness
As Dr Mark Welton explains, being mindful during long hours is about finding small moments to actively facilitate calm.