Current & Continuing Residents/Fellows resources apply to Current Chief Residents.

Join the Council's Project as non-Chief!

If you a non-Chief Resident, you are still welcome to participate in the Chief Residents projects. Please contact the Chief co-chairs for more information.


Chief Residents

All residency and fellowship Chief Residents are part of the Chief Residents Council (CRC). The CRC is charged with planning and implementing a quality or patient safety initiative across all residencies and fellowships by the end of the council in June.


Attendance & Bonus

All attending CRC members must sign in the physical attendance sheet to receive attendance. In order to receive the attendance bonus, at least 8 out of 12 meetings must have 1 resident representative from the program attend the meeting. The attendance bonus is evenly rewarded to all residents of the program.


Chiefs are eligible to receive a 1% bonus if CRC completes their QI project by the end of the academic year in June. Each department is eligible to receive $2,400 attendance bonus (split evenly amongst chiefs) if the total CRC attendance of the department is 8 out of 12 meetings forthe academic year. CRC Co-Chairs will each receive an additional $1,000

Chief Residents are given an end-of-the-year bonus in their June paychecks for participation in the council’s project and attendance at the council meetings.


*Pediatrics Chief Residents are not eligible for bonuses

Members & Projects

Program Name Chief Resident Email
Anesthesiology Residency Justin Yuan
Anesthesiology Residency Abby Wang
Anesthesiology Residency Mario Khalil
Dermatology Residency Gabriel Molina
Dermatology Residency Andrea Hinton
Dermatology Residency Pallavi Basu Sprau
Emergency Medicine Residency Zachary (Zach) Zuniga, MD
Emergency Medicine Residency Pranjal Gupta, MD
Emergency Medicine Residency Rahul Nayak, MD
Emergency Medicine Residency Jiayin (Julia) Sun, MD
Family Medicine Residency  Mary Turocy, MD
Family Medicine Residency  Torsten Rotto, MD
Internal Medicine Residency Ankita Devareddy
Internal Medicine Residency Sarah Talamantes
Internal Medicine Residency Mugdha Joshi
Neurology Residency Tara Torabi
Neurology Residency Greg Wong
Child Neurology Rachel Walsh
Neurosurgery Residency David Purger, MD, PhD
Neurosurgery Residency David Dadey, MD, PhD
Neurosurgery Residency Michael Jensen, MD, PhD
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Kelly Darmawan
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency John Hayden
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency KJ Jennings
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Megan McCracken
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Julie Najar
Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Ravali Reddy
Ophthalmology Residency Elaine Tran
Ophthalmology Residency Caity Logan
Ophthalmology Residency Andrea Naranjo Lozano
Ophthalmology Residency Louisa Lu
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Cameron Foreman
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Christopher Frey
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Stephanie Kha
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Adam Murrietta
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Rosa Valtanen
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Mathew Whittaker
Orthopedic Surgery Residency Joanne Zhou
Physical Medicine & Rehab. PM&R Residency Yue Meng
Physical Medicine & Rehab. PM&R Residency Derek Schirmer
Physical Medicine & Rehab. PM&R Residency Cyrus Ghaffari
Otolaryngology Residency Alanna Coughran
Otolaryngology Residency Javier Howard
Otolaryngology Residency George Liu
Otolaryngology Residency Tina Munjal
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Residency Nivaz Brar
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Residency Alexandra Chang-Graham
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Residency Cooper Rutland
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Residency Leighton Daigh
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Residency Benjamin Dulken
Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Residency Alex Dussaq
Pediatrics Residency Kleshie Baisie
Pediatrics Residency Faye Mendoza
Pediatrics Residency Adithi Reddy
Pediatrics Residency Aydin Zahedivash
Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Residency TRACK  Laura Tetri
Medical Genetics and Genomics Emily Dunn
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) Janelle Ruiz
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) Kelsey Priest
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) David Dupee
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) Carolyn Kraus-Koziol
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) Jon Sole
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) Sally Huang
Psychiatry Residency (General/Adult) Tené Redman
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Emily Whisler
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Alissa Rogol
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Jonathan Updike
Radiation Oncology Residency Hyunsoo (Josh) No
Radiation Oncology Residency Yufan (Fred) Wu
Radiation Oncology Residency Caressa Hui
Radiation Oncology Residency Mallika Marar
Radiology Residency Cameron Olsen
Radiology Residency Shelby Payne
Radiology Residency Wenhui Zhou
Surgery (General) Residency Wilson Alobuia
Surgery (General) Residency Carlos Ayala
Surgery (General) Residency Dupe Diyaolu
Surgery (General) Residency Sue Fu
Surgery (General) Residency Huda Muhammad
Surgery (General) Residency Sunnie Wong
Surgery (General) Residency Kirbi Yelorda
Plastic Surgery Integrated Ariana Chattopadhyay
Plastic Surgery Integrated Alexander Li
Plastic Surgery Integrated Robert Reitz
Plastic Surgery Integrated Ruth Tevlin
Thoracic Surgery Integrated Hanjay Wang
Thoracic Surgery Integrated Terrence Pong
Urology Residency Sean Berquist
Urology Residency Jessie Ge
Urology Residency Yash Khandwala