Chief Residents

Current & Continuing Residents/Fellows resources apply to Current Chief Residents.

Join the Council's Project as non-Chief!

If you a non-Chief Resident, you are still welcome to participate in the Chief Residents projects. Please contact the Chief co-chairs for more information.


All residency and fellowship Chief Residents are part of the Chief Residents Council (CRC). The CRC is charged with planning and implementing a quality or patient safety initiative across all residencies and fellowships by the end of the council in June.


Attendance & Bonus

All attending CRC members must sign in the physical attendance sheet to receive attendance. In order to receive the attendance bonus, at least 8 out of 12 meetings must have 1 resident representative from the program attend the meeting. The attendance bonus is evenly rewarded to all residents of the program.


Chiefs are eligible to receive a 1% bonus if CRC completes their QI project by the end of the academic year in June. Each department is eligible to receive $2,400 attendance bonus (split evenly amongst chiefs) if the total CRC attendance of the department is 8 out of 12 meetings forthe academic year. CRC Co-Chairs will each receive an additional $1,000

Chief Residents are given an end-of-the-year bonus in their June paychecks for participation in the council’s project and attendance at the council meetings.


*Pediatrics Chief Residents are not eligible for bonuses

Members & Projects


  • Alixandra Baycroft, MD
  • Michael Tien, MD
  • Justin Ward, MD


  • Peter Barnes, MD
  • Jasmine Rana, MD
  • Caely Hambro, MD


Emergency Medicine

  • Jeffrey Sakamoto, MD
  • Bryn Eisfelder, MD
  • Collin Michels, MD
  • Robert Conner Dixon, MD

Family Medicine

  • Kristen Zwicky, MD
  • Emmeline Ha, MD

Internal Medicine

  • Adrian Robert Castillo, MD
  • Andrew Reese Moore, MD
  • Mita Hoppenfeld, MD

Medical Genetics

  • Christy Tise, MD

Neurology - Adult

  • Gaurav Chattree, MD
  • Sam Spiegel, MD

Neurology - Child

  • Thuy Nguyen, MD


  • Arjun Pendharkar, MD
  • Allen Ho, MD
  • Eric Sussman, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Paige Bates, MD
  • Hayley Miller, MD
  • Brad St. Martin, MD
  • Jasmyn Johal, MD
  • Alisha Tolani, MD
  • Anne Waldrop, MD


  • Jose Davila, MD
  • Jong Park, MD
  • Giancarlo Garcia, MD
  • Malini Veerappan, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Abiram Bala, MD
  • Michael Chen, MD
  • Sahitya Denduluri, MD
  • Lawrence Enweze, MD
  • Neel Gupta, MD
  • Blake Montgomery, MD
  • Allison Roe, MD

Orthopedic Surgery - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • Anita Lowe, MD
  • Anne Kuwabara, MD
  • Gary Vargas, MD


  • Michael Chang, MD
  • Brian Nuyen, MD
  • Jared Shenson, MD


  • Atif Saleem, MD
  • Kelly Mooney, MD
  • Kevin Kolahi, MD
  • Bernadette DeRussy, MD
  • Alex Dussaq, MD
  • Rebecca Rojansky, MD



  • Bradford Nguyen, MD
  • July Lee, MD
  • Samantha Scanlon, MD

Psychiatry - Adult

  • Timothy Ando, MD
  • Matthew Edwards, MD
  • Dexter Louie, MD
  • Jackie Wang, MD
  • Diana Willard, MD

Psychiatry - Child

  • Sabrina Ali Leger, MD
  • Philip Cawkwell, MD
  • Cheri Wu, MD

Radiation Oncology

  • Jason Ross, MD
  • Quaovi Sodji, MD
  • Michael Binkley, MD
  • Nima Harandi, MD


Sheila Enamandram MD

Jennifer Padwal, MD

Hugo Decker, MD, PhD

Surgery - Plastic Surgery

  • Gloria Sue, MD
  • Danielle Rochlin, MD
  • Shawn Moshrefi, MD

Surgery (General)

  • Ioana Baiu, MD
  • Kathryn Blevins, MD
  • Jared Forrester, MD
  • Joshua Jaramillo, MD
  • Miquell Miller, MD
  • Kimberly Kopecky, MD
  • Graeme Rosenberg, MD

Thoracic Surgery - Integrated

  • Sumanth Kidambi, MD


  • Ericka Sohlberg, MD
  • Leo Chen, MD
  • Eugene Shkolyar, MD