Stanford Peds faculty have led the way in building capacity of hospitals and clinicians in other countries to improve the health and wellbeing of children. For example: 

Dr. Desiree LaBeaud has partnered with clinicians and researchers at Msambwene Hospital in Kenya since the early 2000s. 

Dr. Saraswati Kache helped establish Patan Hospital PICU/NICU, amongst the first in Kathmandu valley in Nepal.

Dr. Peter Meaney has developed, implemented and led pediatric training programs at 11 sites in 8 countries and is head of the Helping Children Survive Collaborative.

Dr. Nilima Ragavan, has developed a long-standing relationship with Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital in Gujarat, India, to improve neonatal outcomes.

Dr. Rishi Mediratta, and colleagues at Gondar Hospital, Ethiopia have developed a new promising neonatal mortality prediction score to help clinicians reduce neonatal mortality in this setting.

David A. Zlotnick, MD Memorial Scholarship Reflections

The David A. Zlotnick, MD Memorial Fund was created in the Department of Pediatrics to encourage, develop, and support the volunteerism of Stanford medical students interested in pediatrics, pediatric residents, and pediatric faculty members, with a preference for volunteerism in Central and South America. The Fund aims to provide Zlotnick Scholars with experience, understanding, and satisfaction for lifelong contribution and leadership in the interest of children’s health.

Read the reflections of the latest Zlotnick scholars below. Learn more on the program website.

Zlotnick Reflection: Jecca Steinberg

2019-20 MDB and Zlotnick Scholar, Jecca Steinberg, reflects on how her rotation in Ecuador brought together her GH passion and clinical interests.

Zlotnick Reflection: Ben Lerman

MDB and Zlotnick Scholar, Ben Lerman, is surprised by the differences he doesn't see between healthcare in Ecuador and the US in his reflection.

Global Child Health Travel Scholarship Reflections

The Global Child Health Travel Scholarship (formerly the Mary Duke Biddle Scholars Program) supports global child health rotations for Stanford students and trainees interested in pediatrics. This is an opportunity for pediatric residents and fellows, as well as medical students and physician assistant students in their clerkship years who are interested in pediatrics, to spend a rotation abroad in a low- or middle-income country setting.

This scholarship provides funding for a a 6-week international rotation. The program is open to Stanford pediatric trainees and medical/MSPA students in their clerkship years,* who are committed to the program’s goal of supporting global child health.

Learn more on the program website.

*Medical and PA students interested in careers outside global child health or in research are encouraged to explore other opportunities, such as the Stanford MedScholars Traveling Scholars Program.

MDB Reflection: Silvia Vaca

Mary Duke Biddle scholar and fourth year medical student, Silvia Vaca, on how her 6-week MDB rotation revitalized her passion for global health.

MDB Reflection: Paula Trepman

Mary Duke Biddle scholar and fourth year medical student, Paula Trepman, on lessons learned from her rotation in Ecuador.

MDB Reflection: AJ Millet

Mary Duke Biddle scholar and fourth year medical student, AJ Millet, reflects on her time at the community health centers and hospitals of Riobamba, Ecuador. 

MDB Reflection: Victoria Boggiano

2017-18 scholar, Victoria Boggiano, reflects on what it means to provide care with limited resources and when patient volumes are extraordinarily high.

MDB Reflection: Pooja Makhijani

2017-18 scholar, Pooja Makhijani, reflects on how the rules of care can differ across countries and clinical settings.

MDB Reflection: Alex Ball

2017-18 scholar, Alex Ball, reflects on his 6-week rotation in Riobamba, Ecuador.

MDB Reflection: Blake Zwerling

2016-17 scholar, Blake Gordon Zwerling, reflects on her experience working in Riobamba, Ecuador with the CACHAMSI program.

MDB Reflection: Diana Huynh

2016-17 scholar, Diana Huynh, reflects on her experience working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

MDB Reflection: Carson Burns

2016-17 scholar, Carson Burns, reflects on how technology can shape the care we provide for our patients, whether at Stanford or in a rural health post in Ecuador.

MDB Reflection: Adam Was

2016-17 scholar and Global Health Scholarly Concentration Resident, Adam Was, reflects on his experience working in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda.

Read more clinical scholar reflections. For more information about the  scholarships, email the program managers.

Updated 9/27/2022

Dr. Rishi Mediratta, and colleagues outside the NICU at Gondar Hospital, Ethiopia. An alumnus of Stanford Medicine, Stanford/Packard pediatric residency, and the Mary Duke Biddle Program, Dr. Mediratta has worked to improve child health with partners in Gondar since his days as an undergraduate.