New publications from Peds Residents, Allie Pribnow and Elysia Alvarez

Allie Pribnow, MD

Research by Stanford pediatric residency alumnae, Allie Pribnow and Elysia Alvarez, was published in the journal, Pediatric Blood Cancer. The two worked with former Global Child Health faculty member in Hematology/Oncology, Sandra Luna-Fineman, on data collected in Nicragua and Guatemala. Now a faculty member at University of Colorado, Luna-Fineman, has helped develop the network of pediatric oncology centers throughout Central America.

Pribnow's study on "Effects of malnutrition on treatment-related morbidity and survival of children with cancer in Nicaragua" examined how oncology treatment outcomes varied among children with and without malnutrition. She found that 67% of the patients treated in Nicaragua were malnourished, resulting in poorer outcomes. 

Alvarez, a Stanford/LPCH pediatric residency alum, conducted a similar retrospective study while a Pediatric Oncology resident at LPCH. Her study, "Improvement in treatment abandonment in pediatric patients with cancer in Guatemala" identified risk factors and described the intervention that increased treatment abandonment.

Alvarez is now faculty at the University of California, Davis and Pribnow has returned as an attending physician at LPCH after fellowship at St. Jude Children's Hospital. Both pediatricians received support for overseas rotations through the Mary Duke Biddle Scholars program. 

Elysia Alvarez, MD