CIGH Research Convening

Stanford Global Child Health Program researchers presented the findings from their various research projects at the 2nd Annual Stanford Global Health Research Convening presented by the Center for Innovation in Global Health (CIGH) and Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment on January 20, 2016. 

To start the day off, CIGH Director Michele Barry announced the winners of the CIGH Seed Grant, which included the program's own Dr. Desiree LaBeaud's research team. The poster session included posters of projects led by Global Child Health Program Director, Bonnie Maldonado, researchers Dr. Clea Sarnquist, Aisha Talib, Jonathan Altamirano, Dr. Eric Nelson,  and resident, Dr. Jason Nagata.

In the afternoon, Dr. Maldonado was a co-presenter at the panel on "Miscues in Faculty-Student Collaborations in Global Health Research." An oral presentation on Mashinani, a combined IPV prevention and microcredit intervention evaluated by a team of Stanford researchers led by Dr. Sarnquist, rounded out the day.