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 Clinical Anesthesia Fellows:

The Global Anesthesia Division is pleased to work closely with other clinical divisions in the department and offer global health rotations to fellows in the training programs for Regional Anesthesia, Pediatric Anesthesia, and Critical Care Anesthesia. Other subspecialties are welcome to get involved as long as a project can be established with an international partner. The clinical fellow is responsible for finding a faculty preceptor for their international rotation. Acquiring funding is competitive; opportunities are listed below:

Learning Resource Center

An online learning platform developed at the onset of travel restrictions and the pandemic, the LRC continues to evolve and grow its courses.  Each course is a collaboration between partners from variably resourced practice settings to ensure appropriate context and group-sourced solutions for clinical problems.  Interactive courses are designed to be delivered through asynchronous independent study, or with live instruction, to maximize availability and effectively transfer learning into practice.  All courses are open-access and free.  The Oxygen Series course used live webinars and reached over 9000 learners from 145 different countries helping providers as they cared for COVID-19 patients with respiratory failure.  The LRC is always looking for new collaborators for content curation, course design, live instruction, and editorial assistance.

Contact: Ana Crawford at



  • The Use of Virtual Reality during Regional Block Placement in Vietnam
    • John Patton
  • New ways to be in the same room: augmented reality simulation for Tanzanian Nurse Anesthetists.
    • Frank Canady, Allie Klein, Tracey Hong, Cynthia Khoo

Remote Rotations

  • Remote international regional anesthesia training: trainees helping trainees.
    • Kelly Foster, Rudy Davis, Erica Gee, Cynthia Khoo
  • Adaptation of the WFSA SAFE OB curriculum for virtual teaching in Tanzania.
    • Nada Ismaiel, Frank Canady, Allie Klein, Cynthia Khoo
  • Designing a Virtual Difficult Airway Workshop for Tanzanian Anesthetists in a Limited Resource Setting.
    • Allie Klein, Frank Canady, Cynthia Khoo
  • How to Establish Remote Rotations for Global Health Pathway Residents.
    • Sara Strowd, Michelle Arteaga, Amy Chen, Cynthia Khoo
  • Perceptions of a Virtual Anesthesia Curriculum in Vietnam
    • Sean Miller, Helen Heymann, Joseph Hodapp, Anna Frackman, Michelle Arteaga, Sara Strowd

Regional Anesthesia

  • A complete virtual regional anesthesia curriculum for Tanzanian anesthetists.
    • Erica Gee, Cynthia Khoo
  • Regional anesthesia education needs assessment in Rwanda.
    • Kelly Foster, Jean de Dieu Tuyishime, Cynthia Khoo
  • Establishing a Regional Anesthesia Service: A prospective survey of patients receiving perioperative nerve blocks at the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali, Rwanda.
    • Alain Irakoze, Cynthia Khoo, M. Ho, Etienne Nsereko
  • Development of regional anesthesia curriculum and ultrasound-guided procedural simulation models for low- and middle-income countries.
    • Cynthia Khoo, B. Chuter, S. Rodriguez
  • Development of a virtual regional anesthesia curriculum for Tanzanian anesthetists during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Amy Chen, Sehewa Mganga, Frank Artress, Michelle Arteaga, Sara Strowd, Cynthia Khoo.
  • Efficacy of Regional Anesthesia and Gastric Ultrasound Simulation
    • Abhinav Gupta
  • Barriers to Use of Intraoperative Train-Of-Four Monitoring in Rwanda
    • Abhinav Gupta
  • Digitizing a Pain Management curriculum for Rwanda on the LRC
    • Abhinav Gupta


  • Value of global health in promoting culturally sensitive communication with diverse patient populations.
    • Fritz-Gerlad Charles, Nada Ismaiel, Cynthia Khoo
  • Blended-Learning Symposium on Sepsis and Septic Shock in Rwanda.
    • Francoise Nizeyimana, Jackson Ndekezi, Angelique Ntegerejuwampaye, Brendan Morgan, Helen Heymann, Ana Marie Crawford

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