Software and Support Files

FAST (Fast Analysis of SHAPE Traces) is a program that allows for rapid analysis of SHAPE traces. SHAPE is a technique developed by Dr. Kevin Weeks (UNC) that allows for high-throughput RNA secondary structure mapping.

A version of RNAstructure including FAST 1.0 can be downloaded here (updated 4.1.2011)

A draft of the user manual can be downloaded here

Sample files for use in the FAST Wizard can be downloaded here.


  1. Download the RNAstructure package (v. 5.2) from the laboratory of Dr. David Mathews (Registration required)
  2. Install the RNAstructure package
  3. Move the downloaded copy of FAST into this directory C:\Program Files\RNAstructure 5.2
  • If you cannot "see" this directory, google "view hidden files windows" for instructions.
    This will replace the Matthews version with the version found here.

Copyright Notice: Phillip S. Pang, Jeffrey S. Glenn, 2011. As a derivative of the RNAstructure program, which is licensed under a GPL, this work is also available under a GPL. 

FAST Video Tutorial

NOTE: The video tutorial specifies old parameters for the PeakScanner program.  Use the 
parameters found in the user manual above

Part One

Part Two